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The Prohibited List

The Prohibited List

WADA has a list of prohibited substances and methods. It actualizes this list periodically at least once a year, the actualized list normally comes in force January 1st and is available some months before in WADA’s website, and in the PRADO’S website too.

It is your responsability to know which substances and methods are in the list of prohibited list.

The list divides substances by those that:

1.- Are always prohibited.

2.-Are prohibited during competition periods (according to what each sport defines, but it’s usually 24 hours before the competition).

The substances that are always prohibited are (among others): hormones, anabolics, beta-2 agonists, masking agents and diuretics.

Only competition prohibited substances include, among others: stimulants, marihuana, narcotics and glucocortiroids

Also always prohibited: methods that include blood transfusions, blood manipulation or intravenous injections in some situations.